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Welcome! Summerbell Escapes is a small customer-oriented Holiday Rental Company. We feel very fortunate to have been able to create these homes for our family and friends and now be able to share Summerbell Escapes properties with you. Please note that part of the proceeds of your booking will philanthropically help someone less fortunate be able to stay free of charge at a Summerbell Escape Property.

The Founders’ Story

So many of us have memories of summer holidays with the family at the beach. Being brought up on sheep and cattle property in southern NSW, the ocean was hundreds of kilometers away and every summer we were fortunate to have the pilgrimage for the family holiday to the beach.

The Holden packed full of kids, with boards, ‘cossies’ and provisions, we travelled for hours and only knew we were getting close to the beach when, with windows down, we could smell the salt of the sea before we could see the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

The sun-filled days were spent lazing on the beach, smothered in pungent sunblock. We bobbed on boards in the waves or body surfed trying to reach the shore, built sand castles with moats, splashed in the rock pools, played beach cricket and ate fresh seafood, summer fruits and ice cream.

When not on the beach we played tennis and golf followed by fish and chips. We lounged on the sofas on the deck reading our books or in the cool inside listening to the top 100 songs of the year or the Test on the TV. The evenings were often BBQ dinners and board games, chatting on the deck and every night gazing at the star filled sky and lulled to sleep as the waves rolled into the shore.

We have tried to emulate this with The Boat House at Gerroa.

The Boat House Gerroa

Seven miles of uninterrupted beach is perfect for all the family. Walking distance to a calm little beach for small children, an estuary perfect for paddle boarding and canoeing, a surf beach as long as the eye can see, and a quintessential Beach House for families and friends to enjoy.

Growing up on the land with space all around there was always somewhere to explore in the paddocks, amongst the trees with our dog by our side. We would wake with the sounds of the birds and the smell of the cooked breakfast. Time would be measured watching the seasons unfold with the changing winds, colours and light.

Many days of working on the property and playing outside in the garden only to return inside at dusk just in time for dinner. The long summer days with evenings of the pink sky to signal that the following day would be sunny The short winters days with rain on the tin roof secure next the warmth of the open fire toasting marshmallows.

So when it was our time to have children our dream was to try to be able to give them the same childhood memories with perhaps a little more frequency as we had as Aussie kids.

The near South Coast and Southern Highland of NSW is the perfect place as it is easily accessible from the airport, Sydney and Canberra in an hour or two.

We are happy to share Sea To Sky Farm and The Cottage at Seaview Farm for you.

Sea To Sky Farm

People often wonder about the green rolling hills that run to the ocean and what a world-class place it is. There are sea eagles soaring over the fields, whales splashing just off the headland and the cattle were resting under the Moreton Bay Fig Trees with a view to the horizon.

The 1970’s house needed some love and updates but the position hidden from the world on the ocean was more than special. Fee and David had lived in Canada and travelled a lot on the Sea To Sky Highway – a majestic road that hugs the sea and goes to beautiful places. It seemed right to name the farm Sea To Sky as from the stone walls and the green fields where The Sea meets the Sky.

The Cottage at Seaview Farm

This property had a great history as a home to families growing up in the area. What a gorgeous hideaway. Found in between Kiama and Gerringong, hidden behind a big hedge, this private, cosy cottage was a gem to find and renovate. The house had ‘great bones’ and was owned by one family for over 100 years which may be good fung shui. After lots of thought and extensive work The Cottage and big lawn area is a popular getaway on a working farm. A number of guests have not wanted to leave and ones returning have arrived with enough provisions for their holiday that that don’t have to!

David was a city boy where the beach was paramount, as was swimming, sailing and body surfing. From a young age, David, juggled a number of jobs simultaneously during university and beyond. David’s work encompassed travelling often and all around but when arriving home, more often than not, went to the beach to get in a few waves. David loved the beach but also dreamt of land – having a farm and growing food.

Fee studied at Sydney College of the Arts before becoming a caterer, then realising that food and health were so intertwined, went back to study and became a Naturopath then became with great happiness a mother.  Fee used her design skills to renovate all the houses (and others) hoping to create spaces in all the properties primarily to evoke the feeling of home for everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy the surroundings away from any daily life stress. Every aspect of the process was thoughtfully planned however, every item in each property comes with a story as most have been sourced by chance!

Having worked in catering, owning cafes in Sydney and working overseas for rock stars and royalty, Fee has some understanding of service. As a naturopath Fee cooks using homemade and homegrown herbs, vegetables, fruit – all grown by David– and homegrown beef.  Fee is happy to consult in Design and Food.

There is nothing more satisfying than sharing the fruits of our labors as everything feels better when sitting at a table eating a home cooked meal chatting with family and friends.

We are so grateful and happy to share Summerbell Escapes with you.


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